Cine-Theatre 1 on Millfields Park


Cine-Theatre 1 transformed the site of the Old Paddling Pool at Millfields Park into a dual function pop-up; a cinema and open air theatre for, a day during the month of June 2017. 

The Old Paddling pool, which has been disused for several years, has an amphitheatre like quality which lends itself to the creation of a stage. 

The idea was to host to the work of local filmmakers and performers and create a place where the diverse, Clapton community could engage in a shared experience.  We hope to return in 2018 with an expanded programme.

The Cine at the Old Paddling Pool is viewed as a testbed project for a process that could be rolled out across various sites in London.


The Big Build - Morning and Afternoon 

Over the course of a day visitors will be invited to take part in a Community Build to create the stage. Support will be provided by Studio Aki, Rara and CoDb all of whom have experience in designing and building temporary structures. The intention is to pre-fabricate some elements in the Rara workshop to simplify the process once on site. 

Local Voices

Spoken Word - Punctuating The Build

Throughout the day artists and storytellers will be invited perform on the evolving theatre construction.

Filmmakers - Early Evening

Short and Micro films from local filmmakers will be shown as it begins to get dark.

The Big Film – Late Evening

Envisaged as an evening, which embraces the social tradition cinema, the big film will be an open air screening of a London classic.